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Burt S.


Dr. Cho (aka the Chosen One) is great! He cares about his patients and you can sense his passion for what he does, which is help people. He's extremely knowledgeable and helped fix my back and neck problems after only 2-3 visits! Even if you aren't experiencing any major pains, preventing damage is important and you should go see Dr. Cho as soon as you can! 

Alexis S.


I have been going to Dr. Cho for about 9 years. I have really bad scoliosis and find so much relief when I come in. I have at times tried other places since I don't live near Chosen Chiro but only Dr. Cho knows how to make my back stop hurting! He spends the time to really listen to you and do the best he can to fix the problem. All together this is a really great place!!! 

Thomas S.


I have been seeing Dr. Cho for an auto injury. My back was a complete mess and I was in chronic pain. After a few sessions with Dr. Cho I felt 10 years younger, my migraines disappeared, and my mobility drastically improved. Dr. Cho and his team are true professionals and really work to understand each patients pains and problems. I highly recommend this group!

Cathy H.


Dr. Christian Cho is an exceptional clinician. Not only does he listen to you regarding your symptoms, he treats the problem so the symptoms go away! He is a genius when it comes to understanding the way the body works which is why his chiropractic treatments work. He takes the time to show you exercises to do, so you don't need to continue having the pain, nor do you have to continue going in for treatments on a long term basis. He helps YOU help stay healthy. I can't say enough of how he's helped me with various muscular & skeletal issues over the  years. Thank you Dr. Cho! Thank you!! He not only has treated me, but also my 16 and 21 year old kids. Whenever they have a back, shoulder, neck, leg issue, they ask if they should go into to see Dr. Cho :) That speaks volumes to me.

Alberto R.


After a car accident, I was not sure who to trust or where to turn. Then I remembered Dr. Cho and his clinic, Chosen Chiropractic. From the moment I walked in, they took care of me- They handled all the insurance issues so I did not have to worry about it and could focus on getting better. He recommended his Licensed Massage Practitioner, Laurel, who has been great to work with as well during my rehabilitation. Dr. Cho and his staff are very professional, courteous and friendly as well. No matter what your issue, you are definitely in good hands with Dr. Cho and his staff! 

Kurstin H.


I'm so thankful for Dr. Cho, a real life miracle worker. I'm a believer in chiropractors. Q has been injured 8 months and Izzy 11 months. After their first visit last week we were (well I was) in tears with hope. He popped a few bones back in place in Izzy's ankle that no xray, MRI, or exercises touched. Instant flexibility- tightness in calf gone. He has Q's legs the same length again and his pelvis area in line- the swelling of 1 side of back muscles is down so his groin is finally healing, and fast. If you're not healing and you think you've tried everything and have determined this is the new normal, think again. Thank you Dr. Christian Cho at Chosen Chiropractic in Bellevue!

Jessica W.


I've been going to Dr. Cho at Chosen Chiropractic for about 6 years now. I trust Dr. Cho completely with my care, especially as an athlete. Dr. Cho has helped me overcome a back injury and multiple ankle injuries. One time I sprained my ankle playing soccer (not uncommon for me) and waited too long (months) before seeing him. Within one treatment, I was back running again! I know not all treatments work in one session, but the adjustments Dr. Cho does helps my body get back into alignment and function well. Thanks to Dr. Cho and the team for all the ongoing care they give me!

Lauren J.


Prior to the muscle spasm that sent me to Chosen Chiropractic, I ruptured my L5-S1 disc, and was made to be afraid of chiropractic treatment- that chiropractic wasn’t for people with ruptured discs. After experiencing a debilitating muscle spasm in my back, and after all the regular remedies failed to provide relief, I made an appointment with Dr. Cho. I hobbled through his doors, barely standing up right, shooting pain down both legs, and with pain written across my face. When I left, I was standing straight with little to no pain…a serious miracle! Dr. Cho has been fantastic, helping me throughout my recovery and beyond, encouraging me to remain diligent in my exercises and able to accommodate last-minute tune-ups when I’m feeling discomfort. I feel blessed to have been referred to Dr. Cho, and will continue to refer his services to everyone I know. Thank you, Dr. Cho!

Diane D.


I went in to see Dr. Christian Cho for knee pain which I have never had before. Dr. Cho asked every question about my exercise and work routine, tested out my pain and mobility in every limb to truly understand my muscles and bones. He quickly came to the conclusion that my hip was rotated causing my knee to compensate for my entire body being a bit crooked. A neck pain is not just neck pain. Dr. Cho is a true master of kinesiology and will treat an ankle, a wrist, or a knee, not just your back. After 1 visit I felt immediate relief. After 2 more visits and exercises he gave me to strengthen muscles at home, I felt like new in just a few days and ran 13 miles in the Ragnar Relay Race with no pain and no knee brace. GO SEE HIM! Don't look back.

Taylor L.


I came to this chiropractic office about seven years ago to treat a minor back issue I had back in high school. I remember receiving dedicated treatment every time. Dr. Cho has been the Sounder's team Chiropractor for many years- he obviously knows his stuff! I recently got into a car accident and the incident called for another trip to the chiropractic office. As before, Dr. Cho exceeded my expectations as my doctor. He meticulously examines every patient, consistently asks questions, and makes sure he handles each patient individually. He realizes that not every patient has the same problem, so he designs a treatment plan catered to your needs. I appreciate how he takes the time to explain everything in depth so that you understand what's going on. The atmosphere of the office is the very opposite of intimidating- it's relaxing and enjoyable.

Hana L.


Dr. Cho is simply the best. My mom and sister have been going to him for years for a variety of issues. They both have seen enormous improvements as well as complete pain relief on neck, leg, back issues, and more. In fact, I live in New York but during the few times I go back home to Bellevue every year, I never fail to make an appointment with him as I've had recurring back issues. Let's put it this way, I trusted Dr. Cho so much that within the past 5 out of the 6 years I've lived in NY, I refused to find a new chiropractor in NY.  Recently, I've been having excruciating neck/back issues that I am getting treated for in Manhattan. However, this past weekend I flew over to Bellevue and was in intense pain due to the 6 hr plane ride and was getting shooting pains through my head. Dr. Cho aligned my neck in place in the morning and within a few hrs and drastically the next day, all of the pain lifted and I was able to go hiking and exercise. He is so intuitive and just by feeling your neck and back he immediately knows what's wrong. He really cares about every single one of his patients. He will remember personal things about each patient because he genuinely cares. He has immaculate bedside manners and is truly an expert in the chiropractic field. I would recommend him to my friends and family any day. Thanks Chosen Chiropractic!

Jacqueline R.


Initially, my back had gone out, but my goal now is to fix my neck and spine. I get headaches as well. I was treated by other chiropractors, whose adjustments were harsh and traditional. I was sore for days afterward. My sons’ and daughter’s baseball coach referred me to this office. She spoke very highly and another friend, who said she didn’t believe in chiropractors, now comes. My adjustments don’t leave painful results. I’m hoping that things are becoming more aligned. I notice that my shoulders are back and I’m not hunched over. I grew up with traditional medicine and after one too many antibiotics, we changed our strategy to focus on building the immune system. Who knew that a neck and ear adjustment could divert an ear infection and more so, a round of antibiotic? Dr. Cho’s gentle technique shines above and beyond other chiropractors I have been to. And I am happy that my kids all notice the health benefits after their chiropractic adjustments, as well as having a great rapport with Dr. Cho.

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