Chiropractic Sports therapy and rehabilitation performed here focuses on proper joint position and alignment first and then moves towards functional stabilization of the soft tissue components connected to them.

Much like the foundation of a house, if the ground floor is unbalanced or uneven, the structures connecting to them are also unstable. If the bones and joints are misaligned due to trauma, strain, and sprain injuries, there is a large chance that the soft tissues that are connected to that joint, the ligaments, tendons, and fascia, will not heal properly or near the strength that it needs. If you suffer from chronic pain due_to injuries years ago, or acute distress from recent trauma, have us take a look and see if there is a bone misalignment affecting your recovery.

Over 100 years of processed, chemically enhanced, and toxic foods have created sick and dying people. Proper nutrition and a Wellness plan need to be in place to enhance body functions, provide us with essential nutrition, and let us heal properly.

The body is a finely tuned engine that requires the proper balance of nutrients in order to operate properly. Our nutrition requirements are simple, yet we continue to choose the wrong foods that lead to sickness and diseases that we spend millions of dollars on. Using symptoms surveys, nutrition tests, and muscle testing using nutrition, we determine the right nutrient supplements that allow the body to heal itself. Come find the natural alternative for illness.

Accidents are the most traumatic insult to the body. Whether you are involved in a car accident or you hurt yourself slipping on ice, a proper examination, diagnosis and treatment are essential for a quicker, more stable recovery.

There is a very high chance that you will have some sort of injury in your life, some mild and others more severe. Unfortunately, without proper treatment of some injuries, people may feel the ill effects of these for a lifetime. Conditions such as accelerated arthritis, poor muscle tone and stability, and chronic pain are the side effects of an absent or improper treatment plan. Proper analysis and treatment including X-rays, and sometimes MRls are important in tools in determining the nature of injury and the subsequent care needed. Make an appointment today if you have suffered from injury but have not gotten checked out.